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Cyber Security Predictions For The Year 2017

Last year 2016, the biggest cyber security tragedy that occurred was the hacking of a Bank in Bangladesh. That hacking put them in the loss of around $ 81 Million. So that was one of the biggest tragedies of year 2016 in regards the cyber security attack. Somehow, they were stopped from stealing more money, as they were eyeing on the whole $1 Billion transaction. But even then, the $81 Million heist was not unforgettable and a minor loss. So that attack proved us, the cyber security needs to be made better even further. That’s because the hacker’s techniques and their access to such things is expanding more and more day by day.

Cyber Security UK

In the year 2017 and onwards, we have to work more to increase our Cyber Security. That’s because the access to our confidential data and accounts is in a major risk these days. We cannot deny the need of this fact in this era, where hackers have a great probability of controlling things and getting benefits. Hence Cyber Security UK is an undeniable fact. We surely need to improve these measures a lot to ensure the security of the confidential and secret accounts.

Some Predictions:

  • The consumers will take a good look at the security of the companies they will do business with. They would look at their security measures, reputation and see if there are any risks involved in working with them. If they would see any threats related to security, most probably they will move to someone else who offers better security measures.
  • Apart from that consumers will also take a good care of their own cyber security to ensure that hackers can’t access their business system either. It will not be just the concern about the company they are doing business with, but they will also take care of their own security norms.
  • The risk and threats in the IoT devices will be recognized by the consumers as well as the companies. The major threat is basically the IoT and that needs to be resolved, so the better resolution will be evolved or IoT will be replaced by some other means.

These are just some of the predictions that will most probably occur at the end of consumers and companies. The Cyber Security UK will become a really essential part of the businesses to avoid any kind of security threats.

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