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How The Process Of Firewall Migration Is Done Without Any Headaches?

Basically, a packet filter is used to make the network system resilient against the outside attacks. If you are looking to upgrade or move to another packet filter it is necessary to ensure that the overall security system is designed in a way that maximizes the efficiency and value of your tools. A good solid protection against data thefts and malwares can not only allow you to stick to your work but also can save you a lot of time and money.

Monetary losses to large enterprises and SMBs:-

Kaspersky lab says that approximately 90 percent of enterprises have gone through incidents where threats were posed to their security or they actually suffered. With a result that large companies had to pay up to $ 551,000 and $ 38,000 were paid by small and medium businesses to resolve these issues.

Firewall Migration

Basic steps:-

Below are the six basic tips that can help you setup firewall migration easily.

Do proper planning for present and future:-

Before implementing a new packet filter always remember to document and fully plan all the aspects and the planning should be clear for present and the future needs.

Create a clear cut visual map of traffic and architectural settings:-

Always remember you should have proper information. If not gather it. Make sure to create visuals, make maps of your packet filter’s architectural settings and about traffic. All the technical connectivity data should be included in the map to give a clearer picture.


After the creating of visual maps now you can get in to the depth. Changing of one packet filter is definitely trouble free but it’s definitely not only one application. In the current times considering the nature of the data centers it is obvious that multiple security providers can also provide services to one network.

Identification of security policies:-

The question here arises that how can a policy be designed to shift plans for more than one or diverse platforms? The answer to this is the careful documentation and identification of all security services and policies from your side. You also need to identify clearly all the network algorithms for each point of packet filter.

Implementation process:-

After all the above preparations now comes the real and main stage of implementation. The process of changing from one packet filter to another can have impact on all your business and activities. The need is to ensure this impact is taken to lower level i.e. much minimized impact.

Connection between the packet filter and the activities:-

One important thing to notice here that all the business infrastructure has interaction with firewall migration and other security plans. So make sure not a single bit of data is lost or misplaced during the whole process which can result in worries afterwards.

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